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Our mission is to provide a positive environment that supports physical, social and cognitive growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

We create our own curriculum based on kids interest.  Our curriculum best resembles the Creative Curriculum.  At iKids we believe that every opportunity is a learning opportunity and we work hard to create opportunities to learn new things and skills. 

If a child is sick we contact parents immediately for pick up after finding the child a comfortable spot away from others.  If a child is hurt we contact the parent immediately or notify them at pick up depending on the severity of the injury.  All injuries are documented. 

We offer snacks, homework assistance and activities such as Science, cooking, sports, outside time, nail painting, arts and crafts, dress up etc.  

All parents will need to have the Procare app downloaded. You will be sent an invite. Upon arrival at the school please use the APP to check your student out. If you do not see an iKids staff outside at carpool please message us through Procare that you have arrived for pick up. 

Parent Handbook

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Educational Enrichment


Here At iKids we allow each student up to an hour of educational instruction time to be able to finish their homework. All grades do not need the full allotted time to finish and will be offered quiet centers once finish.  While it is not mandatory for students to do their work here we do provide this quiet time for each grade level. Students are provided with materials and assistance as needed.