Partnering with Incredible You

Incredible Kids are Parents & Children Advocates for Education. 

What We Do

Here at iKids we make sure that everyday is incredible, from check-in to dismissal.

Incredible Kids Cooking

Students are given an hour of educational center time, with homework assistance. After outdoor free play, students are given an option of engaging activities that range from S.T.E.M., to arts and crafts.  With the help of our incredible staff we are also able to offer optional extra curricular activities including cooking and meditation.  Students are encouraged to explore new ideas while maintaining a fun and safe environment for everyone, everyday.

Our curriculum focuses on creating an open and creative culture, where students are engaged and excited to learn.  We promote self expression and self exploration while providing opportunities for our students to be exposed to various new ideas and methods…

Our Locations

Incredible Kids (iKids) located in Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia along I-20 corridor, now has two locations for us to partner with your Incredible Kids!

Burgess Peterson Academy
Mary Lin Elementary School


New Students

Parents partnering with iKids for the first time should register their child using the button above.

Returning Students

Returning Students currently, parents/guardians should login to the our iKids Portal to update child’s enrollment for the next semester or additional activities.


iKids health & safety guidelines, requires an Immunization Form 3231 or Affidavit of Religious Objection Form 2208 (revision dated 6/2019) issued by your pediatrician to be kept on file for all registered students.

Activities @ iKids

Our incredible kids love activities. After a long day of school work and homework they are hungry for something fun. Teachers plan activities for each day of the week. Activities range from sports, S.T.E.M, outdoor exploration, arts and crafts, cooking and dramatic play. We work hard to create an environment that our children don’t want to leave!

Safety First

Keeping everyone safe is not an option... it's our priority.

Our staff is required to stay up to date with current procedures and policies by completing 10 hours of training each year and maintaining an up to date certificate for First aid and CPR.  Not only do we follow all rules and regulations of Bright From the Start we also work hand in hand with school administration to ensure that we are adding value to the educational journey for every student.

Incredible Kids Safety First



Outside time is a pivotal portion of our day with each grade level having a minimum of 30 minutes of free play outdoors. Students can engage in supervised free-play, which allows them time and the ability to engage in various activities and sports. Students have access to sports carts that will offer them various free choice options, such as outdoor toys and card games. 


Students participate in guided and self led art activities such as canvas painting and clay sculpting. Students have access to various mediums and materials that continuously change and grow. We promote self expression and the ability to provide new experiences that students may not have on a day-to-day basis. From painting to sculpting clay pots, we are always looking for a way to showcase our incredible kids!


Our S.T.E.M. program engages and promotes critical thinking in our students. iKids fuels their thoughts and ability to problem solve through the use of science, technology, engineering and math. We encourage students to think outside of the box to challenge normal conceptions and strategies. 


Fun is Fun-damental here at iKids, in every aspect of the day. We seek to make sure our students have an incredible experience each day, in every way. We are constantly providing new experiences to help our students experience and conquer new endeavors.


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