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Due to these unprecedented time we are currently suspending operations for the immediate future.

Incredible Kids Partnering with Incredible You!

Your children, our children and families are very important to us. As we regroup and decide the best course of action, we will continue to keep you updated on our next steps.

Stay Safe and stay Incredible!

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Payment & Fees

$50 application fee
required at registration.
Application fees and weekly tuition
paid through your parent portal.

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Incredible Kids takes CAPS!

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Incredible Kids takes CAPS!
Incredible Kids is engaged to make an Impact.

Why choose Incredible Kids?

Incredible Kids is dedicated to partnering with families, charter and public schools to help each child grow through physical, social and cognitive activities.

We take PRIDE in our dedication and only employ those who are passionate about making differences in their community. 


Come discover your inner INCREDIBLE!

Daily Schedule

We fill our schedule with a variety of activities each day. Our goal is to offer fun and enriching activities throughout the day that expose our students to new concepts and experiences.

After school 2:30pm-6:30pm
Summer Camp 7:00am-6:00pm
Extended camp 6:30am-7:30pm

After School Program Cost

We offer flexible after-school program options:

Registration Fee: $50 per child
due at time of application

After School 

Monthly Tuition:

$300 per child
due first of each month

After School 

Drop-In Services:

$25 per drop in day
due prior to services rendered

$230 per week per child due prior to services rendered

Summer drop-in services $60 per day

Join us for an Incredible Journey

Ages 4 to 11 Welcomed!!!

We want to partner with YOU!

We promote creativity, love, and individuality.

We encourage peace and foster GROWTH.

Meet the Director

Chameka Batiste began working with children in 2002. Just a senior in high-school Chameka knew that childcare was her field of choice. With over 16 years of experience and a Bachelors in Psychology from Georgia State, our Director has worked with children with age ranges of birth to 18.

Chameka has always had a dream to open her own center. She started Incredible Kids, after school and summer camp in December of 2017.  After her first year of business she and a group of friends started a non profit organization, IKids Community Outreach, to support programs that serve title one schools in providing positive and enriching experiences in their after school and summer environment.  Her family, husband and two children, look forward to partnering with Parents and Advocates who desire an opportunity to help discover a child's inner INCREDIBLE!

About Incredible Kids


To provide a positive environment that supports physical, social and cognitive growth.


For Incredible Kids to be the place of choice for parents, children and advocates.


  • Incredible Kids commits to communicate and collaborate with school partners to ensure our activities complement and support school day learning and performance standards.

Program Benefits

We provide organized, developmentally appropriate activities to increase knowledge and enhance skills:


Basketball, Tennis, Tumbling, Soccer, Gymnastics, etc.


Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making, etc.


We offer choices, ask questions, guide students in mindful-meditation, learn from everyday items, and incorporate songs and games into our lesson plans.

iKids Community Outreach Inc.

A desire to offer more choices and opportunities for our children and develop relationships with our community led us to create a non profit organization, iKids Community Outreach. Your donations help ensure safe, reliable educational enrichment programs for underserved families.

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